About US

We are working towards making a galaxy in which anyone can travel too. This galaxy is going to be filled with many delightful and deep characters. We plan on giving readers a joyous experience that they can fly to at any time.

As a leader of the Pirate Kingdom, I have a duty to protect and serve every being in its borders. As an admiral in the military I must be willing to sacrifice my mind, body, and soul for my king. As a role model, I must teach my soldiers to fight strong and survive. My personal goals come last, but I will accomplish them before my life ends.

  • Admiral Jad

I am the head of all military operations in the Triumvirate. My job is to make sure no harm comes upon the my home, or the homes of others. My friends came from far off places, and are all dear to me. I do not wish to fight them, but I will if I have too. 

   Admiral Travis

The Pirate Kingdom and the Triumvirate are going to regret messing with the Republic. They came and attacked us without warning or reason. It is due time that the receive what they deserve, and the Republic is going to give it to them. We are going to return their explosive gifts tenfold. For every soul they have taken from us, we will avenge.

  • President Shikno

I am a humble captain in the Pirate Kingdom. My crew and I specialize in covert operations. we are also excellent choices for fast drop offs and pickups. We are ready to wage war, and take back what was denied when we needed it most. Our worlds were left smoldering and dying. We begged for help and were denied it. We picked ourselves up, with the intention to have the Republic and Triumvirate go through the same suffering we did. 

  • Captain Garven

There’s no going back