where do Xenocians live?

Home Planet: Carttoff

Carttoff is an average sized planet with a diameter of about 7,469 miles. The planet is largely a tropical zone. The poles of Carttoff are rarely frozen over. The poles do get very cold but rarely attract ice. The equator is covered in small desert, but due to the rivers flowing throughout the entire planet the deserts are mostly oases. Because of the rivers flowing all over the planet the planet is mostly jungle. The planet of Carttoff is extremely humid and supports a large bug and wild meat market. This market has made the planet a large exporter of delicious and affordable meats. Xenocians also export large numbers of weapon and deadly vehicle designs. Xenocians rarely import any goods other than precious metals.

What are the Xenocians of Galaxy in Shadows?


Xenocians are a humanoid generally around the height of 5’4”-5’9”. They have 2 sets of eyes. One set sees visible light while the other sees in the infrared spectrum. The Xenocians have legs a little longer than their arms. Xenocians have extendable claws on both their hands and feet. These claws are very durable and can carve into some softer metals, which allow Xenocians to climb very hard and smooth surfaces. The feet of Xenocians are generally not covered with shoes or boots, so the pads on the bottom of their feet can be as hard as the soles of many boots. The hands of the Xenocians have three fingers and an opposable thumb. Their bodies are covered in short blue, turquoise, or green fur. 

Who are the Xenocians?


Xenocians have a single god in their religion. This god is one of the hunt. Xenocian worship their god by hunting. This hunting could be hunting of many things, be it prey and predator, or the hunt of science. The hunt is very prominent and many Xenocians choose to follow the path of hunting prey. These Xenocian generally become bounty hunters or assassins. But this culture surrounding the hunt causes many problems in the eyes of Galactic Democracy. On the planet of Carttoff if the cause for a murder is said to be part of a hunt, charges are dropped immediately, but those reasons don’t stand in the eyes of many beings in the known galaxy. This has caused many Xenocians to be seen as coldblooded and heartless. Xenocian are banned on many planets because the people believe Xenocians to be bloodthirsty. 

What is special about the Xenocians?


Xenocians have contributed many well designed weapons and vehicles to the galaxy. These weapons range from small concealed blades to large city destroying bombs. Xenocians are generally very good pilots and weapon wielders. Xenocians use their deadly claws a lot in combat, and several Xenocian fighters worked with a group of Coonatisk swordmasters to create a new fighting style using both claws and blades. Several vehicles designed by Xenocians became staple armored support in many planetary militias. Many of the deadliest and most effective bounty hunters and assassins are Xenocians. 

What to watch for in a Xenocian.

How They Act:

Xenocians of Galaxy in Shadows talk highly of their accomplishments. They are also trying to one up their own achievements a lot. Xenocians also enjoy listening to other people talk about their achievements. If someone wants to complete a challenge that a Xenocian has completed, the Xenocian will not help, because the person should hunt on their own. Xenocians take great pride in their achievements of past hunts. When a Xenocian’s achievements are insulted by someone else then the Xenocian will defend their pride in a fight to the death, usually ending in the Xenocians victory. Xenocians also try to make other people feel proud about their achievements even if they are small. 

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  1. These sound like a species to watch out for. I can’t wait to read more about the other species in Galaxy in Shadows. When do you think you’ll publicly release your first book or chapter?

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